Live compassionately.

who we ​are

Compassion is...
...standing in solidarity with all life, arising from a wish for mutual happiness and growth.
...creating an atmosphere of love and empathy. 
...not exclusive to simply humans, but all life. 

Our family first started adopting hens back in 2010, when we still lived in San Anselmo, CA. But our desire to slow down our lives, along with an deep-rooted need to do something to aid suffering animals, brought us to the picturesque, small farming town of Nicasio, CA.  

We found a ranch, and decided we were going rescue some animals. What started as a private activity of rescuing a couple of goats, Rufus and Reggie from Animal Place , has been evolving into a little sanctuary. We've been able to provide a home for goats, sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. Life on the ranch doesn't get any better--or more compassionate--than this. 

With love,
Miyoko, Michael, Seraphina, and Cammy

our ​name

Driving through the West Marin countryside, you may notice that many residences, stables, and ranches have their own name. To go along with our town's tradition, and to celebrate California's old Spanish heritage, we've adopted the name Rancho Compasión, Spanish for "compassion ranch". Compassion is at the heart of what we do and how we live.

meet the 

  1. Barry
    Barry was rescued by Farm Sanctuary. He was first believed to be a hen, but he grew to be a big rooster at 9 months.
  2. Reggie
    What a photogenic, handsome goat!
  3. Angel
    Angel was rescued by Karenna Love, who found her at a dairy that was closing down. Angel and her mother were to be sold off, but luckily, Karenna convinced the rancher to bring Angel home to our sanctuary. When she arrived, she was awkward on her feet and shy--after all, she had been raised in a small veal crate. She is now the most gentle and loving animal, who loves massages and cuddling.
  4. The goat family
    The goat family
    Cookies, Cream, and Nubie, were brought to us by a local goat rescue group. Cream is strong and protective of her daughter. Don't bend down anywhere near her, as she will head butt you!
  5. Onyx
    Loves belly rubs and cuddles! His squeal is akin to a bottlenose dolphin's.
  6. Benny and Joon
    Benny and Joon
    Named after the movie, Benny the goat and Joon the sheep came to us from a small dirt patch, rescued by Farm Sanctuary. They had their first tastes of grass at their new home. They are inseparable.
  7. Argon and Oxy
    Argon and Oxy
    The sweetest little piggies!
  8. Reggie and Rufus
    Reggie and Rufus
    The first ones to move into our barn were these brothers, rescued by Animal Place. They are loving and sweet, and oh-so mischievous!
  9. The farmily
    The farmily
Our family includes all of our non-human companions. Browse through our photos, or come and sign up to volunteer if you'd like to meet them! We are currently closed to public visits.